Prof. Wierzbicki is Committee Member for CSITE 2017

Prof. Wierzbicki is committee member for the 3rd International Workshop on Computer Sciences and Information Technologies for Education – CSITE 2017. The workshop will be held on June 27-28, 2017 in Qingdao, China.

The Master Program in Documentary Filmmaking Starts in the Falll 2016


The Master in Documentary Filmmaking is a highly practical, applied program in the production of documentary film for cinema, television or other media platforms. From the beginning of the master program, students will start working on the portfolio for the production of a feature documentary film that will represent their final dissertation work, while also taking other theoretical, and practical courses, with the possibility of choosing from a number of elective courses offered.

The Faculty of Theater and Television of Babes-Bolyai University is announcing a new Master program in Documentary Filmmaking


General objectives of the Master program in Documentary Filmmaking are:

  • Developing an understanding of the most important trends and developments of the documentary film genre within the context of the new platforms of distribution and new specific audiences in the information age
  • Practical learning, through analysis and practice at the highest standards, of specific documentary film genres: scientific documentary, social and anthropological films, docu-drama, adventure documentary.
  • Acquiring skills and abilities necessary in the production of film for cinematography, television and new media.
  • Developing the ability to use the specific media and cinematography specialised language while creatively applying theoretical and practical knowledge in a professional setting.
  • Developing theoretical and practical knowledge about Romanian and international non-fiction contemporary film
  • Developing theoretical knowledge and practical experience in order to cultivate high professional and ethical standards, as well as professional courage and civic responsibility, as a non-fiction cinematographer.

Entertainment Computing – Proc. IFIP/ICEC 2018

Proc. FGIT 2011 - Future Generation Information Technology Conference, Jeju Island, Korea
FRIEND OF FESTIVAL AWARD at the Polish Film Festival in Los Angeles for Prof. Wierzbicki (Oct. 2014)
FRIEND OF FESTIVAL AWARD at the Polish Film Festival in Los Angeles for Prof. Wierzbicki (Oct. 2014)
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