Prof. Wierzbicki will present a paper “Media Pedagogics in Converged Environments of the Future” at this year’s EuroITV in Tampere, Finland.
Our life patterns and culture increasingly find their roots in visual media: film, video games, internet and multimedia. Visual media shape the image of our world and our society, thereby being, however, somewhat detached from reality, portraying the bold and the beautiful as role models. Entertainment has become a driving force in the creation of films, television programs and the design of computer games. Education and pedagogical aspects are often neglected. Values and norms in our society seem to be continually losing importance. Our society appears to be getting poorer, both financially and intellectually. In this article we demonstrate the potential that can be found in media forms of the future in repect of education and discuss a number of aspects of reader response and aesthetic response in connection with media and violence.
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