Prof. Wierzbicki¬†presented the paper “Blended Nurture” at the FGIT 2011 conference , within the EL 2011 track.

The Third International Conference on Future Generation Information Technology, FGIT 2011 (ASEA 2011, BSBT 2011, CA 2011, CES3 2011, DRBC 2011, DTA 2011, EL 2011, FGCN 2011, GDC 2011, MulGraB 2011, SecTech 2011, SIP 2011 and UNESST 2011.), was held in Jeju Island, Korea, in December 2011. The focus of the conference was put on the various aspects of advances in information technology.

Korea’s subtropical volcanic island Jeju is located 130 kilometres off the southern coast of the Korean Peninsula. It is known for its scenic mountains, waterfalls, forests, caves and beaches. In 2002, Unesco declared Jeju a “biosphere reserve”, and listed it as a World Natural Heritage Site in 2007. In 2010, it was awarded “geopark” status. 2011 Jeju Island was named one of the World New Seven Wonders of Nature, an initiative led by the Swiss-based non-profit New7wonders Foundation.