Prof. Wierzbicki presented a paper “Digital Houspaint – A New Class of Ambient Media” at this year’s IADIS VC2010 conference in Freiburg.

The functionality of visual communication has been underestimated as photography and cartoons claimed artistic autonomy rather than being submissive to the explicit message to be conveyed. Commercials and pervasive messages in ideological campaigns are early adopters of visuals. Since 3D image spaces in Virtual Reality have been introduced it is a must to meet between scientific researchers, art directors, photographers and illustrators.

“Creative industries” is the epitome for critical applications like social software, gaming and cultural documentaries. This IADIS VC conference opens the landscape for those who bring overlooked messages from theory and practice and those who have the intuition that the visual languages prevail in attitudinal and affective communication. Multi cultural projects demand a high of sophistication in semiotic awareness. Especially this aspect is a fast-growing domain for communication specialists.